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    JBA Wireless Forum Rules


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    JBA Wireless Forum Rules

    Post by MerdinH on Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:18 am

    Please follow these rules at all times.


    2. No links to or posting of anything illegal

    3. No posting of pictures depicting anything illegal

    4. No posting of, or links to, any "warez" a.k.a. pirated software, pirated movies/ TV shows, or Bit Torrent sites.

    5. One user, one account. Please, no multiple usernames.

    6. No use of any swear words. We prefer that you don't use any form of swearing, but if you must use a proxy for profanity, just use the first letter and asterisks for the rest (i.e. s****,f***) the FCC defines seven words as dirty: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_dirty_words

    7. You and you alone are responsible for anything posted under your username

    9. The moderators and administrators reserve the right to ban anyone for infractions of these rules set forth. Their decision is final. The moderators and administrators also reserve the right to edit any post as they see fit.

    10. If you are indeed banned for any reason, do not log on until the ban is lifted, if ever. Don't make second or third accounts or log on via your Touch Pro.

    11. Any modifications/hacks/upgrades that you make to your phone, or files that you add through directions found here, are done at your own risk. We are not responsible for phones rendered unusable.

    12. JBA Wireless is not responsible for the content of any website not associated with www.jbawireless.com and external content should be used with caution.

    13. Any and all posts, and material included therein, become the property of www.jbawireless.com / http://ppcmajic.com.

    14. This list is by no means comprehensive or complete. Use your own discretion when posting anything here.

    15. Absolutely NO one word posts. All posts must be informative of affect the community in a positive way. Posts that simply contain "Lol" or "I'm not" will not be tolerated. The empty +1 post is also frowned upon.

    16. Discussion of illegal content is not allowed. (Please also review #4 above.)

    17. Signatures and avatars must be in good taste and appropriately sized. When using images in your signature, it should be no larger than 468 pixels wide x 90 pixels tall.

    18. The majority of members' posts on this site should relate to the site's purpose -- the HTC Touch Pro. It is at the discretion of the moderators and administrators to ban anyone they feel takes advantage of this site for reasons other than discussing the phone.

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